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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Dana and Ed part II: Civility rules?

The results are in for the first debate, and Politifact has a claim by Dana as mostly false, while a claim from Ed was mostly true.

Conservative talker Dana Loesch says 4.7 million people lack health insurance due to Obamacare

Ed Schultz: 10.3 million people would lose insurance with Obamacare repeal

Here we go, round two:

Round 2: Dana Loesch, Ed Schultz Throw Down over Obamacare Again

It was an auspicious start where Dana introduces Ed, then starts introducing 10-15 other people, and a studio audience who will also ask questions... but no, she was just kidding, she's not on MSNBC, it's just her and Ed.  I was then shocked not only by Dana's intelligent and non-leading questions, but also Ed's calm and thoughtful demeanor.  I won't break it down, it's actually pretty good and I want you to watch it and get the full effect.  Both made good points, didn't talk over each other, and it's pretty hard to pick a winner.  I'm pleasantly surprised.

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