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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Dana has a plan, as long as nobody calls her on it.

First of all, the guy has a name, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula.  Second, Mr. Nakoula was on probation for bank fraud when he made that video, and was arrested by Los Angeles County for eight violations of his probation, including using an alias, and using a computer.  It pretty simple to refute the first part of this sentence.

Second, to say the Obama administration has no strategy is some pretty cool spin on what was said in the press conference.  Obama clearly has a plan, otherwise he wouldn't already be running air strikes against ISIL.  The question asked was, "Do you need Congress’ approval to go into Syria?”, not, "Now that ISIL is beheading Americans, do you have a strategy?"  Obama will continue to strike ISIL in Iraq, that is without question.  He also said there would be, “military, political, and economic components” to the fight against ISIL.  Does that sound like, "no strategy"?

Don't let Dana fool you.  She knows all this.  She just love to sow dissent.

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