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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

My thoughts on "that video"

So, there was this guy from Chicago who created a video that depicted Dana shooting herself. He didn't just make it, he tweeted it out to Dana, and Chris Loesch, just in case Dana missed it. From there, you can guess if you don't already know, things got weird.

Dana used it as a platform to garner donations for the NRA. She became a national story off of this, she got a lot of attention from it. One has to wonder, right?

I would like to be the first to condemn the video, but I won't and here's why. It was a parody. To condemn it is to go against the first amendment. We should all be able to make snuff films of our favorite celebrities, as long as that's as far as we take it. Yeah, I just flipped the whole drawing Mohamed argument on its head.  Is that wrong?

Then, ask Trey Parker and Matt Stone what they think about it. They make this little TV show called South Park, which has been a giant celebrity snuff film for 17 years. And Dana has said she loves it, it's a barometer for culture. Should they be investigated by the FBI because they had Brittney Spears shoot herself? Or had Spielberg and George Lucas rape Harrison Ford? Or out Tom Cruise as gay? Of course not. That is what the first amendment is all about.  As long as someone's paying, they should be allowed to do it.

So the thing Dana condemned as a murder fantasy, is pretty much in line with how she feels about other things. Draw the Mohamed cartoon because they don't want us to is pretty similar in that both are first amendment rights. It happens all the time on TV, too. It's called parody. It's called satire. It's the social barometer Dana really likes, until she doesn't.

That said, I do have one other thing to say about this guy. Dana once said of me, "Creepy. Progressive male stalker that I banned from this page after he spam-hated every thread created a blog dedicated to me." But if you look at my Twitter feed @decondana, and what I have written here, the only thing true is I created a blog about her.

The guy that created that video? Look into his Twitter feed. This could be the guy she's talking about when she said that about me. He seems rather obsessed with Dana. I don't think that is cool for one second. I had a theory that he was paid by someone close to Dana to make that video since when you follow the money, Dana comes out good once again on this stunt.

When I looked at his feed, it just didn't seem to fit. He's constantly replying to things she's said. Wait... how is he doing that? I pretty much got banned immediately from her on Twitter. How can he post relies to her? Wouldn't she have banned him right away, too?

Unless she doesn't ban the creepy stalker types, because the thrives on moments like this. And you never know, when you follow the money, maybe I could be right after all. Again, it's just a theory. If I am wrong, I still believe how he's treated Dana on twitter is uncool. One does have to wonder, however.

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