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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Revisiting my first post

Fox debates and the Christian Bully

The first thing I wrote here was a story about Fox debates.  One in particular really got my attention, because in it, Dana was being a real Christian bully.  Well, today, this happened:

Dana on Facebook: Flashback to one of my favorite debates.

It's not that it's one of her favorite debates, it's the treasure trove of content in the comments that caught my eye.  She's so heavily edited any detractors out of her Facebook feed that everyone just loved it.  A few examples:
What slays me is that ONLY if you fall down and agree 100% with this nonsense are you a valid person; otherwise, you are labeled a bigot, racist, hell, choose your noun of preference - they all get spewed religiously instead of putting together a cogent argument. It's like a schoolyard playground. The bullies CANNOT put forward a legitimate, logic-based, provable argument so they resort to name-calling and make it a personal attack. How terrified they are! Keep at 'em, Dana!
So, let me get this straight,  Jessica says they are cloaking their politics in Christian beliefs, and gets called an anti-Christian bigot by Dana, and it's Jessica that's the bully?  Got it.
You cannot use logic against lefties because they are not logical. One of the ways to identify a sociopath is to see how they adjust or adapt information to support their claim. But the only way to expose them is to have the debate so those around can watch how they mis-apply data to make their point.. and sometimes can be quite funny.. but mostly looks pretty pathetic.. Well done Dana.. and I feel sorry for people so tangled up in their own self deception.. so sad. that is how people waste their life.. defending the indefensible.
And it seems Jessica is also a sociopath.
I liked this debate too, but it's kind crossing the line when Jessica was calling those brothers names a degrading them and when Dana starts calling her names and telling her to keep her mouth shut! Two wrongs don't make a right! But good job Dana!
Awww, you were doing so good until you got to that qualifying "but".  You do know that negates everything said before it, right?
This was one of the first debates I watched.. fell in love with Dana after this. She literally made that woman cry.
Something every Christian can be happy about.  I mean, WWJD, right?
I was gonna say that! The way her voice started trembling, another 30 seconds and she would have been balling! 
Jesus said: Go and cry no more.
These liberals can disparage whomever they want, but as soon as you confront them with a little logic, they crump.
Logic = name-calling.  Got it.

 Thanks, Dana!  You made my night with this post!  But hey, at least the quality of her posters has gotten better.

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