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Friday, October 24, 2014

How unprofessional is this book going to be?

Well, all you need to know about Dana's new book before reading it is right here in this quote:
Among the most notorious anti–Second Amendment advocates are former New York City mayor (and kazillionaire) Michael Bloomberg, his dwindling Mayors Against Illegal Guns, and their associated group, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. (They couldn’t pick a name that didn’t sound like a porno title?) 
Just how bad is this sentence?  Words that do not exist (kazillionaire), words with contractions, a double negative, and the thing that drives it over the top, the porno reference.

The porno reference is bad on so many levels.  First, maybe I do not watch enough porn, but that just does not sound like a porn title.  Second, good Christian girl that she is, Dana should not be flaunting that she knows anything about porn.  You should not have a mention about porn in the forward, when you mention it is all about God in the acknowledgements.  And lastly, she uses this line in her radio show all the time.  Sure, it may play well with the crowd that listens to her for Florida Man, Today in Stupidity, and Mailbag of Hate, but this is a book.  Be professional.  While you are at it, write some new material.  This is not a greatest hits CD, it should be all new stuff.

This, coming in the forward of the book, can only make the rest of the book look unprofessional.

Next, I probably shouldn't skip forward to Chapter 8, but I am going to do a little research myself on the founding fathers and gun control.

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