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Friday, March 6, 2015

A little geography lesson


Safer is a relative term.  Because pipelines explode, too.  They also spill more in a year than oil transported by rail.  But let's not lose focus here.  Dana's not worried about safety, or she'd point out safety issues with pipelines, too.  No my friends, this is about Keystone XL.

Dana is trying to get us to forget two very important truths here.  One is that Keystone already has a pipeline, and it travels into Steele City, Nebraska, with a spur that goes into Illinois south of Galena, IL, where the latest train explosion occurred.

The other is that Keystone XL goes nowhere near Galena. So if something is travelling by rail in Galena, IL, it's not because we didn't approve XL, it's because oil companies are transporting oil by rail instead of pipeline by choice.

Only the northern section of XL has not been approved.  It actually comes from  Hardisty, Alberta and goes to Steele City, just like the original Keystone pipeline.  Some, like Dana, would say it creates jobs, lots of them, and forget any environmental issues, we need it and we need it now.  But it is not the jobs boon Dana says it is, it instead may be a boondoggle.

Cornell University did an independent study, and they state Keystone XL may be a job negative proposition.  Sure, there will be construction jobs.  Sure, there will be some permanent jobs. But the economic impact, especially higher gas prices that will come as they divert oil now going to the mid-west down to the Gulf for refining and export, will hurt jobs, possibly eliminating the jobs growth anyone that been touting.

But this one Factbook post is just the tip of the iceberg.  Dana's said a whole lot more on the subject. Unfortunately, the motive behind this push has to come into question.  Because Dana is not dumb enough to get it this wrong.

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