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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

That time Dana said Democrats hated Jews

It must be March Madness.  Not even a minute seventeen (2:07 with opening teaser) into Dana's third hour on Tuesday, Dana pulled out the race card.  Yes, Dana pulled the race card.

While pulling out a speech from 2010, where Mexican President Calderon came and asked for better gun control and slammed Arizona's immigration law, Dana actually stated that Democrats loved the speech because Calderon was not a Jew.  But don't believe me, please, listen to the clip above.

She repeats it two more times as well.  It's not because they actually like the idea of gun control, or hate the Arizona immigration law... NO!  It's because they hate Jews.

On top of that, Dana insists MSNBC is the whitest cable television station.  They do have 4 African American hosts, and the first Latino host.  Where are the hosts of color on Fox, or the Blaze?

The question Chris Matthews asks, is who would allow a foreign leader come in and rest from the president control of US foreign policy.  Dana twists that to the Calderon speech, where he talks not of foreign policy, but our domestic policies that were hurting his country.  How is it she gets to slam Chris Matthews, a guy with a ton more political experience than she has?

Did Calderon insist we change our second amendment?  He did ask for a reinstatement of the assault weapons ban, but it was in place for ten years from 1994 to 2004, and in that time it held up to all constitutional challenges.  Calderon did not ask to change the second amendment.  On top of that, he actually said he respected it.

Dana gets away with too many lies.  What sickens me the most, however, is the maddeningly bad taste in which she used race card especially by someone who has decried the use of the race card over and again.  But because Dana likes polls, here's one for her.  Republican presidents dating back to papa Bush have never won more than 31% of the Jewish vote.  What this means if Dana is correct is that Dems hate Jews, but Jews love Dems.  How awkward is that relationship?  Must be just as awkward as having a majority of the KKK vote Republican, I guess.

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