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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Inaccurate bookends

Friday, August 7 - Hour 3

While starting the hour talking about the first Republican debate, Dana made the statement that Conservatives don't hate people they disagree with, Liberals do.  It's very easy to prove this wrong. All you have to do is look at the hate mail liberal talk show hosts receive. Google is your friend on this one. There's a lot of hate mail they have to endure, just like Dana. As someone said on Dana's Facebook page, it happens on both sides, and you can't paint both sides broadly with the lunatics on the fringe.

Then at the end of the hour, producer Cain states that in 2008, Obama wasn't in any debates. Which is correct, if by "not any", you mean 25 of the 26 debates that year (he skipped a debate in Iowa hosted by PBS). Even more interesting, this little slip happened during Today In Stupidity.

Dana did a live blog of the Republican debates, and it has inspired me.  I think sometime next week I will sit down at my computer and listen to an hour of the Dana Show, and react. I will probably pause while I do research. But I will be interested to see how many lies I can get in one random hour.  It certainly wasn't hard to catch her in two while listening in the car.

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