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Friday, July 31, 2015

Houston Planned Parenthood is so profiting from baby parts sales, guys

The Dana Show, July 29, Hour 3

Except they aren't.  At about 16 minutes in the above clip, Dana is saying Houston's Planned Parenthood is making millions a year on the sale of baby parts.  The story comes from a Texas Senate Committee on Health and Human Services that happened on the 29th, The testimony about that profit comes from Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood employee who last worked there in 2009. She became a pro-life advocate after she said she saw an abortion that never happened.

Not to mention, all three branches of Texas Planned Parenthood either never have, or in case of Houston, no longer donate fetal tissue.  This is a bunk story, one of the many you'll hear from the right on the issue.

I understand, they want to attack abortion, I myself am against abortion, especially as a form of contraceptive.  But currently it is legal, and unless we can get a constitutional amendment, or prove life begins at conception without pointing at our bibles, we aren't going to change much.  I think Dana is with me on this point, we need to teach people to use contraceptives, while not forcing our beliefs on them to practice abstinence, But also, let's get it right on the science.  I am for Plan B, because it stops the pregnancy before conception, not implantation as it was once thought.  It is basically the pill on steroids.

But let's stop the lies.  If Planned Parenthood is profiting from the sale of baby body parts, it will come out.  The videos that have been released prove nothing.  The investigation into Indiana's Planned Parenthood has already concluded and nothing was found.  Before we go into witch hunt mode, maybe, just maybe, we need to look into the facts first.

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