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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

What people mean when they say something is deceptively edited

Latest Video Attacking Planned Parenthood Full of More Deceptive Edits

Dana has been vociferous about the Planned Parenthood videos, but she has been as deceptive as the edits shown in the 8 minute videos.  I know she hates Planned Parenthood, but a REAL journalist would have more integrity.

You see, if the 8 minute videos have deceptive edits, it's bad because that may be all the average person sees.  When Dana says, "Well, the whole unedited video was posted, too, so how was it deceptively edited?" it's disingenuous.  She knows nobody in her audience is going to listen to it, because heck, they've got Florida Man coming on in a bit, and they wouldn't want to miss that, would they? Even the average person won't see it, and that includes me.  Good thing we have folks like the people who write for AlterNet to do it for us.  If you don't have 3-4 hours to spend listening to the unedited videos, then this may be a good read for you.

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