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Monday, July 13, 2015

Why would anyone post this?

Blame a flag

I don't get how Dana got drawn into this.  It's stupid, it's offensive, and to top it all off, the people posting below it show just how truly racist some Republicans can be.  Not only on Dana's Facebook page, but on the Gateway Pundit, too.

It doesn't prove your point, Dana.  It makes you look bad.  Which means it wouldn't surprise me if this wasn't staged for the benefit of making anyone trying to make a point with it look stupid.  Even a first year journalism student wouldn't fall for a trick like this, would they?

Oh, and in an answer to you and Kane thinking Democrats have come out on the wrong side of history every time when it comes to racism, who is LBJ, and what did he do that put him on the wrong side of the race issue?  And since there was never a shift of these so called racist Democrats in the '60s, who are the Dixiecrats, and why did so many start voting Republican during the Southern Strategy?

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