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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

New bumper music suggestion -- Love is in Control - Donna Summer

There is a method to my madness, of course, a connection to something Dana has done..  It's not the Quincy Jones smoothness that makes this the perfect bumper music, either.  See if you can catch the connection between this song and a blog post from Dana.

You see, Dana went ballistic (pun intended) when she saw the the SNL skit on guns.  Haven't seen it?  I'd be shocked, it is everywhere:

Did you catch the connection, yet?  What Dana didn't like about the skit, and the Donna Summers song's subtitle have something in common.  Here, let Dana explain it:
Everyone in the SNL bit had their finger on the trigger, like so:

That's right!  Finger on the trigger, baby!  Except, if my sight isn't failing me, that finger up there isn't anywhere near the trigger.

Not that it matters much.  It's comedy, it is supposed to be mocking people like Dana, and judging by the rant she went on in her article, it hit the spot.  Just to make her feel better, I bet they won't try and give her gun advice, as long as she doesn't try to give them comedy advice.

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