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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Analyzing Ted Cruz's technique

Dana's not happy someone called out Ted Cruz on his gun handling technique.  That someone is Wes Siler, and it's obvious he knows nothing about guns.  I mean, Dana calls him, and the people commenting on the story idiots, so they must be wrong, right?

Except this is a guy that knows a thing about guns.  He has written my favorite article about gun safety, something I never see Dana doing.  She talks a good talk, but she does far more to try and help you keep your guns safe from Obama, than gun safety.

Well, Wes didn't take this affront from the likes of Dana lightly.  He found another video, showing Cruz at one point had pointed the barrel at people behind him.  He then posted an article mocking people to the right of gun ownership, and roasting them to a crispy brown.

So, Wes can join Nomiki, Dan Carlin, and David Pakman as people I have said I liked in this blog, but I have to ask, is he right?  Is Cruz wrong for carrying his gun this way?  Well, first I would like Gil Ash from the National Shooting Sports Foundation to explain to you how to carry a shotgun. Then I would like you to picture Obama carrying that gun the same way.  The very people who are saying Cruz is okay in carrying it this way would lose their ever loving minds, Dana included.  I mean, who can forget the flack he got for just shooting a gun:

Yeah, tell me Obama wouldn't get it from all sides on the right.  Then tell me Wes Siler would write the article differently.  He wouldn't.  Because he is a man who truly loves guns, and not the politics around them.  I get the feeling it's only the politics of guns the right cares about. And right now, we can't afford to focus on the politics of it, we need to look long and hard at the issues surrounding gun ownership, gun rights, and gun violence.  Both sides are bad at this.  But I'm pretty sure if they both stopped being petty, we could come together for the better.  Until then, Cruz wasn't being dangerous, he just wasn't following the rules of gun safety. So don't have a cow when someone points this out. Baby steps, man. Baby steps.

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