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Saturday, December 5, 2015

A few thoughts on Colorado and San Bernardino

Last week, in the midst of the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooting, Dana several times dismissed it as a bank robbery gone wrong, even after Chase bank, and police said there was no shooting there.

She never walked back that claim, even going as far as just saying he was in a shootout with police and took sanctuary in the Planned Parenthood.  Most disturbing about what was said, however, was that it should be okay with people on the left because no clinic workers were hurt due to enhanced security, even though murders were going on there (the abortions, not the shooting.)

The idea that the Robert Dear case was an act of domestic terrorism has been floated, even by Mike Huckabee.  Even if this isn't the case, Dana is basically giving comfort to a criminal who killed 3, including a police officer, mother of two, and combat vet who is a hero that saved lives that day, and injured several more.  Comfort, because the people he attacked are people she's attacked.  Maybe she's covering because she feels a little bit culpable?  Probably not, as you will see in a minute.

Fast forward to the San Bernardino shooting.  Before we knew the identity of the shooter, or when they were still thought to be white assailants, Dana was still giving comfort to criminals, this time because some on the right were calling for tighter gun laws.

I saw on Dana's Facebook page a short blurb the night after the assault that the name of the assailants had been revealed.  She only posted what they were, and didn't speculate on their Arabic origins, but judging by the comments on those posts, many minds had already been made up.  Even before we had a motive, they were Muslim, thus they were terrorists. even though as of this writing it is being investigated as an act of terrorism, we still don't know a motive.

In the following days I noticed another disturbing thing from Dana.  Since neighbors had some suspicions saying he saw several middle eastern men visiting, but didn't want to call police for fear he would be called racist, Dana feels if you see something, say something (although she's not alone in this).  Dana is basically saying that you need to racially profile your neighbors, and said this shooting was all the PC social justice warrior's fault. Sorry, Dana, the shooting is still the fault of the shooters, but please tell us how that phone call to police would have gone?

So Dana is just fine attacking Muslims, or Planned Parenthood, and consequences be damned.  We will have more idiots shouting down Muslims stating they are all terrorists.  We will have more attacks on Planned Parenthoods.  But Dana won't be to blame, and will downplay any incidence, even with evidence that proves false.

Another disturbing thing I realized recently when Dana was going on a rant about solar, and how bad it is, is that she is no longer reading ads for a solar company.  Imagine that for a minute.  If she thought solar was bad all along, why read ads stating it was a great alternative? And did she hold back on saying solar was bad while taking money from the solar industry? Did she attack the solar industry because they stopped giving her money? Ah, who am I fooling, Dana's above this sort of behavior.  And as long as she's feeding red meat stories to those who will eat them up, stuff like this won't even be questioned. Nothing to see here, carry on.

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