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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Using a CDC investigative study as fact, and siting Hitler

The CDC was given the go-ahead to begin studying gun violence in America by the Obama administration in 2013. It would be the first time since 1997 they would be funded to do so.  Instead of just going willy nilly into the fray, they put together an investigative study where they gathered many studies to use as a base point to conduct studies.

To Dana, however, it is an opportunity to parrot the same tired 1995 study, but claim it is now the CDC's numbers.  Yes, that old Kleck and Gertz study claims 2.5 million occurrences of defensive gun uses annually, but it is too old, and not very good, as I've pointed out before.  Other studies looked at by the CDC are magnitudes lower than the Kleck and Gertz study, but even they may be flawed, since it is very hard to get an accurate count of it, since it is not something that is officially reported.

Dana also points out that there was gun control under Hitler, and look how that turned out. Nothing like invoking Godwin's law to try to win an argument. Here's the problem with that statement.  After World War I, Germany signed a treaty that banned gun ownership in the country.  It wasn't until after Hitler came to power that this ban was lifted.  Sure, Jewish people were not allowed to have guns, but that's not your typical gun control, and otherwise Hitler loosened gun control in Germany, giving German citizens the "God given" right to own guns.

That's not something Dana would like you to know. And most people who listen to Dana will continue to do so in ignorance to the truth.  I'd hate to invoke Godwin's law myself, but you know Dana, Hitler had a pretty good propaganda arm, too.

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