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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Can't believe this made it into "Hands Off My Gun"

Hands off My Gun is touted as, "Defeating the plot to disarm America".  I'm up to chapter 6, and so far it's been more, "Bash the left and spout inaccuracies."  It is incredible what she thinks she can get away with.  Here's a couple interesting tidbits.

She attacks celebrities for having armed security.  I get the logic.  If these celebrities say you shouldn't have guns, then they shouldn't have anyone around them with guns, too.  But here's where that breaks down.  Most of the celebrities listed don't have a strong stand against the 2nd amendment. Even if they did, they still live in a society where guns are prevalent.  That reality, and the fact that celebrities daily face threats and harassment, and it would be stupid of them not to have an armed guard. It's not hypocrisy, it's common sense.

She states that Nia Sanchez was in the Miss USA Pageant in 1994.  I hate to pick on typos, but Nia Sanchez won in 2014.

She sites the Gary Kleck/Marc Gertz thesis on guns from 1995, claiming that there are sixty times the number of people defending themselves with a gun than being killed by them.  That date is not a typo, however. Even more shocking is how she touts this thesis as the end all in gun studies right after she puts down a dissenting study by Arthur Kellerman as unscientific. Got news for you, Dana. Your study gets it wrong, too.  Know who gets it right? These guys are one of many who have done studies independent of Kellerman and come to the same conclusion, that you are many times more likely to be shot in an altercation when you own a gun, than when you don't.  She also sites another John Lott study, and I've already debunked him.

I'm plodding my way through this book slowly.  So far, I would be embarrassed to use any of these arguments for defeating the "plot to disarm America". Since there are about as many guns as there are people in the US, how do they plan on rounding up all those guns anyway?

And now, a correction  In my post about the man shot in Wal*Mart with a fake gun, I stated that the guy who called in on 911 was an ex-marine, and I was correct.  But he didn't serve very long before being thrown out. It also looks like, while the guy was holding a gun, he was not brandishing it as the 911 call states.  It was a pretty real looking pellet gun, but this looks more and more like an overreaction on the 911 caller's part, and on the part of the police. I apologize for the error.

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