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Saturday, August 9, 2014

A toy gun, in the toy gun aisle

Fake gun in the fake gun aisle

Dana. Dana. Dana... don't you know stuff like this is easy to look up and disprove?

Man, holding realistic-looking toy gun, shot, killed at Ohio Walmart

So, the gun was a pellet gun, a rather real looking MK-177 (pictured below), and he was waving it at customers.

He was also shot in the pet aisle, not the toy gun aisle.  I thought this was just shoddy reporting by Reason, but they got it right, too:

Well, the headline is misleading and wrong.  But the reporting inside is correct, and even includes the information on what kind of gun it was.

Dana also blamed "hoplophobia" (irrational fear of guns) brought on by Bloomberg groups for customers calling police on the man, even though the man who called was an ex-marine.  Dana says she's all about the troops, especially ex-Marine Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi. But now she's calling ex-marines hoplophobic? Why is Dana disparaging our troops?

Lastly, why must Dana introduce a pornographic angle when saying the name, "Moms demand action"? That explains why she calls me creepy, I guess.  If you don't find relating the words, "moms demand" to a porn site creepy, there's something wrong with you.  Thanks for clearing that up, Dana!

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