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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I guess I should be flattered

Looks like Dana spotted me.  Here's the text of her post, in case she takes it down:

"Creepy. Progressive male stalker that I banned from this page after he spam-hated every thread created a blog dedicated to me. He unfortunately made the mistake in thinking that he can be anonymous online. Not with me you can't. Apparently he does this on working hours."

Lets see.

1.) I'm a moderate Republican.

2.) I got to post 3 thoughtful rebuttals to her posts on Facebook before I was banned.  Spam-hate?  See for yourself:

3.) Anonymous online?  Well, I started a new email and created an account here and on twitter with a made up name.  I'm not Todd Edwards, nor am I connected with him, I just like his films.  So if she knows who I am, she's doing some serious hacking. Which would be illegal.  I am allowed my privacy.

4.) I work during the day.  All my posts are at night.

She is right about one thing, I did create a blog about her.  Hey, one out of five isn't bad.

But let's forget whether she is right or wrong in the facts of her statement.  Let's get to how wrong this post is.  Calling me creepy, a stalker, implying I do this on company time... all of this is not just to discredit me, it is a very dangerous game.  If I weren't protecting my identity, she'd be inviting her followers on Facebook to find me and attack me.  Hey, she blamed Piers Morgan for doing the same thing to her. 

All because I started a blog.  I'm not creepy, I'm not a stalker.  I'm just pointing out my opinions of what a public figure is saying.  Nothing here is hateful.  Nothing I am doing is wrong.  Why is Dana afraid of that?

Here's hoping she comes to her senses and retracts her statement.

Edit: Got to the second hour of the show, and she goes one step further in stating this is a, "creepy serial killer shrine".

Edit II: Hey, I didn't know you could view people's edits!

Wonder why she added the remark about my blogging on work hours?

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