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Monday, June 9, 2014


So, Miss Nevada's question/answer blew up on Twitter.  So Dana was on the case:

First, Dana incorrectly states that all of these tweets are corralled under #yesallwomen.  But clearly, she got these tweets from another source.  The source can be found here:

‘Rape culture wins’: Feminist freakout after Miss Nevada dares suggest self defense training for women

You can follow along while she reads the tweets.  It is clear since not all the tweets say #yesallwomen that they got this information another way.  I believe the story states the search term is, "#missusa self defense".

That being said, let me say this.  When have we ever as civilized society rightly said that when a woman got raped, that it was her fault?  So why is it that we tell them they MUST defend themselves against rape, like it is the only solution to the problem?  Isn't this one and the same?  If you are a woman and you don't have a way to defend yourself, are you then at fault for whatever may happen to you?

Dana thinks it is man shaming to say teach men not to rape.  As a man, I'm not offended. Yes, women need to defend themselves.  I am totally fine with that.  But we as a culture need to get to the root of the problem.  Just because we have free will, doesn't mean men have the right to rape, or anyone commit any crime.  And we all should want to work toward fixing the problem.  Until then, shaming women, even if you are a woman yourself, isn't helping.

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