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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Aren't personal lives personal?

The whole Thad Cochran story got the Dana treatment at the top of the third hour of the show on Friday.  You can find audio here:

Third hour, 6/27/14

Basically, Mr. Cochran is living with a staffer and having an affair.   He flies her everywhere with him.  He's abandoned his wife and is basically flaunting this affair with his staffer.

Only problem is, none of it is true.  Sure, he lives in his staffer's house, but it's a big house, and he's renting an apartment in it.  Sure, she goes with him on trips, but they are official business and she is his executive assistant, has been since 1981.  And while his wife is in a nursing home in Mississippi suffering from dementia, that doesn't mean he has abandoned her.  And he denies any affair calling any thought of it as "silly".

So, is it alright to attack and impugn the character of people in politics, now?  Because if it is, Democrats who Dana accuses of attacking Sarah Palin deserve an apology.

In other news, Dana also accused Thad Cochran of shaking a Klan hood to scare black voters to come out and vote for him.

Forget that there is no evidence Cochran or his staff put this flier out, but can Dana refute the things that are said on the flier?  Did he not vote against the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum?  Did he not make racist comments on his radio show?  Does he not oppose SNAP funding in the farm bill?

And did McDaniel supporters go into black neighborhoods and intimidate people into not voting?  We are convicting Cochran for many things without proof, where are the questions about this revelation?

I can't believe Dana has been doing radio for so long and is still getting it so wrong.  Where is the integrity in journalism?  Hey, as Breitbart used to say, it's not mean if it's the truth.  And since the truth isn't out there, Dana's just being mean.  Too bad, because I think she's smarter than that.

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