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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

No, Everytown didn't say Target banned guns

No, Target Didn’t “Ban” Guns *UPDATE: Target Says “Not A Ban”

Oh, those rascally Bloomberg anti-gun extremists!  Calling Target's call to not bring your guns into their store a "ban" when you know it really isn't.  Wait, what?  They didn't call it a ban?

Moms Demand Action Applauds Target for Asking Customers to Leave Their Guns at Home in Response to Moms’ Campaign

Okay, so Moms Demand didn't call it a ban.  Maybe it was Everytown?

Thank Target for Adopting Gun Sense Policies

Um, Mayors Against Illegal Guns?  Oh, they don't have a website since they were folded into Everytown.  So which Bloomberg anti-gun extremist said it was a ban?  I'm not seeing it, on websites, on twitter, or on Facebook. 

On the issue of, "keeping your guns at home", yeah, Target doesn't say that, either.  They do request to keep your guns out of the store, and I'm not seeing much of a difference in the wording.  Yeah, you could respect Target and leave your gun in the car, thus not keeping them at home, but that's just picking nits.

Which brings us to why Dana would choose this wording.  It's to keep her opponent on their heels, even though they have reason to claim victory, and they did put in the work, and get a positive result.  And that's the point to those who claim to support the second amendment wish to do instead of actually have an honest debate on the subject.  Anyone who opposes them are anti-gun extremists, even when those same extremists advocate responsible gun ownership.

I wish we could have an honest debate on issues like these in this country.  Unfortunately, it looks like we will be pulled farther apart by the extremes.

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