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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Sadly, misogyny is everywhere

Dana started out the third hour of her show on Wednesday with South Dakota GOP Senate Candidate Annette Bosworth.  She had an odd news conference where her staffers pasted her campaign posters with some of the bad things people say about her on the Internet.  She said all you would need to do is Google her name with one of those words and you'll find the things people said about her.  Dana loved it, and felt that Democrats should literally eat those words.

This is something called misogyny.  This doesn't happen to just Republican women, it happens to ALL women.  From Michelle Obama, to Nancy Pelosi, to Michelle Bachmann, to Sarah Palin, all have had to deal with this kind of thing.  Heck, Dana has to deal with it, but so does Stephanie Miller, and Randi Rhodes.  I implore you to think of a vile term for a woman (if you can), and Google it with any of the names above as Ms. Bosworth is asking you to do, and you'll find they all get called these sort of names. This is not something that is exclusive to Republican/Conservative women.  There are a lot of people out there who don't have that filter the rest of us do.

It is funny how Dana was quick to defend Ms. Bosworth at the top of hour three on Wednesday, but later she is quick to attack Sandra Fluke.  I don't know what is more troubling, her revelation that Ms. Fluke will wind up living with a bunch of cats and saying it's not mean if it is true, or that she can't wait for Ms. Fluke to lose so she doesn't have to hear from her again.  Dana, a staunch supporter of the first amendment when it suits her, would rather silence someone with a different opinion than allow them to have it. I wonder where I've seen that before.

But this was just another instance for Dana to bash the #yesallwomen campaign.  On yesterday's show, she equated them to women looking for free birth control.  But go out to Twitter and look at the #yesallwomen feed, and you'll see something surprisingly different.  Women are telling their stories of misogyny, including how they have been beaten for not giving men sex.  Why can't Dana empathize with them?  Is it because she perceives all of them to be whining Liberals?

Dana pivoted off that point to say Liberals don't give a darn about the real misogyny in this world, how Muslim men treat their women, siting Meriam Ibrahim, a woman sentenced to death in Sudan for marrying a Christian man.  Which fails on two levels.  First, Liberals do care (she may be released soon due to world wide protests).  Second, just because other women in the world are mistreated, doesn't mean women here aren't mistreated as well.The second is most important, because even if no "feminist" cared about Meriam Ibrahim, that doesn't excuse what happens to women everyday here in America.

Dana said on Friday that it is nothing but man hating going on in the #yesallwomen feed. I beg to differ. This article by Estelle Tang that I found while looking at the feed illustrates how it is being a woman in this world.  If you have something sexist happen to you everyday, then a guy kills seven people, and claimed before his rampage he was going to kill as many women as possible because they deprived him of sex; I'm not a woman, but I'm sure my reaction would be like many on the #yesallwomen feed.

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