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Thursday, May 22, 2014

What is this?

In this blog, I intend to point out the absurdity that is Right-Wing radio.  I will focus on Dana Loesch.  When I see something she gets wrong, or when she does something that offends, and I have time, I'll post it here.  If I have another general observation, whether it be about left or right politics, I'll post it here, too.

I grew up Republican.  I actually believe I was at one point a conservative.  But I have changed.  I still count myself as a Republican, but I am a lot more moderate now.  The more I listen to Rush, Hannity, and Dana though, the less conservative I am.  Because I'm not liking what I am hearing.  This is not the Republican party I grew up with.

I've tried posting at Dana's Facebook page, but you can't have an opposing opinion there.  Look at her May 18th post titled, "Bloomberg "Moms" target another fast food joint" and you'll see she replies to someone named Jeff... but nobody named Jeff posted before her.  It's Hypocrisy at it's finest.

Did Dana not tweet this?

The Moms Demand people apparently have a problem with the 1st Amendment in addition to the 2nd.

That was in response to Moms Demand not liking The View having Dana guest host.  Never mind that Moms Demand isn't the government, and can't take Dana's right to free speech away.  It's her first amendment right to be on The View.  Or for the Robertsons  to have a TV show, or the Benham Brothers to have their TV show.  But to post an opposing opinion on her Facebook page?  That can't happen.

Here comes Deconstructing Dana.  I'll remember to keep it civil like I always do.  Enjoy!

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