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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Robin Williams

I loved Robin Williams.  His stand-up, his comedic roles in movies and TV, they are the best and showed a great comedic talent.  I also loved him in serious, and sometimes dark roles.  The guy had range.

When he passed, I for some reason wasn't shocked.  He's older, and I've seen a lot of people in the industry die, possibly before their time.  When I was told he committed suicide, it also didn't shock me.  He was a tortured soul, to say the least.  

Which is why I am glad to see Dana treating the subject so well.  I just wish everyone would:

I have not the words to express how bad this is on all levels.  It should make Liberals mad, as it is intended.  But it could backfire on Rush with his base, as most probably liked Williams as well.  Not to mention how insensitive it is to the Williams family.  It's not a very intelligent narrative, every way you slice it.  Which is why I don't write Unraveling Rush, because there's just too much low hanging fruit there.  Not that Dana doesn't pick up on some of the things Rush says and goes with it.

Rest in peace clown prince.  You will be missed.

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