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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Only "just" laws should be followed

Dana had something about the Eric Garner case on Wednesday.  In her third hour, she thinks it is just fine for him to be selling loose cigarettes because the cigarette tax in New York is just way too high. She then doubles down by saying it is an unjust law, and while some conservative tell her it's still a law, she says "not every law is just, and not every law requires a choke hold." And her defense is to say you don't support Obamacare, do you?

The big question is, what is just?  Should we go any speed on roads because we find speed limits unjust?  Should we lie and slander people because we think the laws about that are unjust? Should we shoot people we don't like because we believe laws against that are unjust? It's tantamount to criminal to say just laws do not need to be followed. Dana is smart enough to realize this.

Listen to it on the third hour of Wednesday's show.  It begins at about 12 minutes and skip ahead again to 23 minutes when she goes into the story about Anita MonCrief (who walks into crowds of Mary Landrieu supporters, innocently in Dana's eyes, and posts clips where they say dumb things, then Dana calls it, "they are trying to intimidate Cassidy supporters") Actually, maybe the whole hour is worth listening to, just to remind yourself of the depths it seems Dana will go to promote her agenda.

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