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Friday, December 19, 2014

Michelle Obama's scandalous Target trip revisited

Dana's thoughts on Michelle Obama's story of woe when someone mistook the First Lady for being helpful at Target (spoiler: she's not helpful).

Okay, I'm with Dana on one point, it doesn't seem to be much a story of racism.  But the reason why escapes most from the right, as Dana shows in this video.  It wasn't racism because she asked her to help, it was because nobody recognized her.  Like I said, not a great example, but Dana is way off the mark, illustrated by the pictures of helpful people she uses at the end of the clip.

Also, does Dana's show seem poorly produced to you?  It's like there's a 5 year old in the control booth saying, "Hey, get a closeup on the side of her face!"  "Hey, use the boom camera to back away from Dana, and up, that would be so cool!"  Really, it's not cool.  It's not professional.  Frankly, I expect better.

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