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Monday, April 4, 2016

Do they deserve $15 an hour?

Recently, I heard Tony Katz on the WIBC morning show tell us that fast food workers did not deserve $15 an hour because he saw one McDonalds drive in worker be rude and let someone else hold the door open while looking at her phone.  Think about that for a second, one employee out of thousands.  One instance out of millions a day, and he is using that to justify his political position that people do not deserve a $15 an hour wage.

The reason I thought about this now, is that I was at a Hardees yesterday, and it was pretty busy for a Sunday.  The staff worked flawlessly in getting people in and out.  I didn't see anyone loafing.  Do they deserve $15 in my eyes? Yeah, I believe they do. Should they have that $15 taken away from them by someone who is for one moment inattentive on the job?  No, they should not.

Making blanket assertions about a group of people? Well, that's business as usual for conservative politics. Again, as long as it is what the listeners want to hear, forget the truth.

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