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Friday, January 16, 2015

Shameless Dan Carlin plug

One of my favorite podcasters is Dan Carlin.  His Hardcore History poscast gives us an in depth picture of a point in history, and currently he's going through the hamburger mill that was WWI.  I've learned a lot about that war I don't think I was ever taught in school, mostly about how gruesome the fighting was.

His Common Sense podcast focuses on current events.  It's usually shorter than an hour, but is highly insightful.  His most recent podcast, Show 286 - Dissin' & Dueling accentuates this point.  After listening to Dana go off on the religion of Islam, Dan is a bit of fresh air and brings a lot of thought to the mix.  I won't go over any of his points, because I wouldn't do them justice, although the fact that in this country in not the too distant past all the way back to the founding fathers (Alexander Hamilton shot in a duel with Burr) our history is full of people being offended, and taking someone else's life.

Dana has not been as thoughtful, or insightful.  I had never heard of #illridewithyou campaign until Dana mentioned it.  But she dismissed it because these same people should have been riding with Charlie Hebdo, instead.  While I do not tolerate acts of terrorism, I'm not lumping all 1.6 billion Muslims in with them, so Dana's comments were not helpful in my opinion.

Do you think people like Dana would lose their minds if Charlie Hebdo were in America and had not been attacked?  As in, the content of Charlie Hebdo isn't quite suited to Dana's sensibilities (although she seems to get a kick out of their cartoons critical of Muslims).  And I didn't catch Dana's TV show, but did she show any cartoons critical of Christianity?  Or Jewish?

Let's forget the fact that the policemen were armed, but outgunned, and one was himself a Muslim, something Dana also never seemed to bring up. I guess the big takeaway here is listen to more Dan Carlin.  You will come out more sane in the long run, in my opinion.

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