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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Dana on Brian Williams

I am amused that Dana is now very fascinated with the lies of Brian Williams. I actually applaud her. It is her right to cover those lies.  But there are two very blaring problems a person with her history has in doing so. For one, you cannot call someone a liar when your pants are pretty much on fire yourself, as I've pointed out several times in this blog. Hello, pot? It is the kettle calling!

Now here is the tricky part. The lies Bryan Williams told didn't advance some political agenda, they glorified Brian Williams. In essence, if you are fascinated by the lies of Brian Williams and bring them to the light of day no less than 6 times on Facebook alone, you may be a creepy conservative female stalker. Just saying.

Not that I think Brian needs to ever grace our televisions with his presence ever again.  Just pointing out the hypocrisy that, if I had the time/inclination, would be too easy to do on a daily basis.

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