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Friday, August 5, 2016

Post 80 and some of my favorite posts.

This will be my 80th post.  Looking back has been sort of painful.  I never professed to be a good writer, and since I don't make any money doing it, I also don't have the time to edit like I should, and sometimes my point doesn't get across.  But then there are times when I hit it just right.  Here are some of my favorites.

Female talk show host offended by Feminist Columnist Offended By Carly Fiorina Run

This is one of my favorites. Nothing like seeing Dana write something and smack her down with an easily proven fact:
...archives failed to turn up a Marcus column excoriating the ascension of a community organizer.
Try the search term, "Ruth Marcus Obama Inex-" and Google will actually finish that word for you, and the second page holds a link for you:
The Audacity of Nope 

Right gets it wrong on honors night

This was one of my earliest works. It took me very little time to look up some information and report it like it was. There was no success shaming going on, and the reaction caused by the allegation was a classic case of the right freaking out about nothing.

Bowe vs Andrew or apples vs oranges

Comparing Bowe Bergdahl with Andrew Tahmooressi, someone captured by enemy combatants with someone who committed a crime in another country, is just plain stupid.

I've read a lot of stupid things...

Dana takes on Southern Democrats, and claims they disarmed Martin Luther King Jr. in her book. Turns out she's wrong, King disarmed himself.

Fox debates and the Christian Bully

Poor Jessica Erlich. You gotta have a tougher skin when Dana's cornered by the facts. Dana not only got Jessica's voice to start shaking, but gloated about it on the air.  When you have no facts, attack!

Wrote the book on it

God bless Nomiki. She tells it straight. I hope Jessica was watching and taking pointers. This was my most read post, more than doubling what was in second place. I think it was because Nomiki retweeted it.

Did Governor Walker step in it, or was he misquoted?

It's funny how the guy you back is just misquoted, then you go on to misquote the guy you don't like.

The Garland experiment

Do you want to see Dana debating Melissa Harris-Perry (Harris-Lacewell) circa 2010? Of course you do! And I use it to contradict some things Dana said on her radio show at the writing of the article. Sometimes Google just serves up the nicest things if you ask it right.

The Garland Experiment II: The Notorious JJP

Judge Jeanine Pirro says it all, with a smugness Christ would have loved. But I found a contradiction in her statement, that the first amendment is not negotiable. Another post where Google was truly my friend.  Special thanks to David Pakman for running with this story and mentioning me by name.

Not the sharpest crayon...

Dana takes us on a ride where she examines a Samantha Bee video on gun control. It's obvious she didn't watch it.  It's like shooting ducks in a barrel in how I pick off Dana falsehoods in this one.

Well, that's 80. When will there be an 81? We shall see. I can't say for certain I'm done with it, but it may be a while before I post again.

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